Community Outreach

Community Involvement

OCBA Beekeepers participate in a variety of community events throughout the year such as: Earth Day @ Sturgeon City, Ag Days with OCPS, Onslow County Farmers Market,  Heritage Days at Onslow County Museum, Zing Zumm Children's Museum and more.

Congratulations to Team OCBA for winning 1st place (in category) for their educational exhibit at the 2023 Onslow County Fair.

Great job Celeste Cavanaugh,  Curtis Hildt, Brandon Kirby, David Plummer and Lesley Ryder.

Hey Beekeepers! After participating in an event, please complete a GAP sheet and turn it in at the next OCBA meeting.
Find a copy of the GAP sheet here.

Past Events

Onslow County Fair

October 2022
OCBA proudly displayed a community education exhibit titled, "Honey bees in North Carolina" at the 2022 Onslow County Fair.

Honey Tasting Contest

August 2022
Thank you to all participants and congratulations to the winners of the 2022 Honey Tasting Competition!
1st Place - Randall Jones
2nd Place - Scott & Julie Taylor
3rd Place - Terri Kulp and Eric Talley

National Honey Bee Day

August 2022
OCBA members participated in an educational event at the Onslow County Farmers Market.

Heritage Day

October 2022
After a two year hiatus, Heritage Day returned to the Onslow County Museum and OCBA beekeepers were there to help area 4th graders learn of the history, heritage and traditional lifeways of Onslow County.

National Night Out

August 2022
OCBA Beekeepers participated in Jacksonville's National Night Out at Riverwalk Park.

Harriot B. Smith Library 

August 2022
OCBA Beekeepers partnered with the Harriotte B. Smith Library aboard Camp Lejeune to bring an intro beekeeping class to Marines, Sailors and dependents. 

Military Appreciation Day

June 2022
OCBA beekeepers participated in the Military Appreciation Day at Hammock's Beach State Park. The observation hive is always a crowd favorite.

Earth Day
Sturgeon City

April 2022
OCBA beekeepers attended this fun, educational community event.  An observation hive and a variety of educational materials were on hand.

Zing Zumm Children's Museum

April 2022
OCBA Beekeepers taught camp goers at the Children's Museum all about the importance of honey bees and beekeeping.

2022 Onslow Ag Days

OCBA beekeepers participated in the annual Onslow Ag Days. OCS 2nd Graders enjoyed a day on the farm learning first hand about farm animals, plant germination, beekeeping, soil conservation and much more.