2025 Apprenticeship Program

 Due Date: Monday, 9 December 2024

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OCBA, P.O. Box 12534, Jacksonville, NC 28546

Onslow County Beekeepers Association:

The Onslow County Beekeepers Association (OCBA) provides area beekeepers with the opportunity to share information with other hobby, sideline and commercial beekeepers.  The association also promotes the benefits of bees and beekeeping for Onslow County North Carolina, whether you are involved in backyard gardening or large-scale agricultural operations. 


If you live in Onslow County and are a beekeeper, want to be a beekeeper, or are just interested in honey bees, we encourage you to become a member.  Our intent is to provide a forum for you to acquire beekeeping knowledge and for you to share your knowledge and interests in beekeeping.


Apprenticeship Description:


OCBA has a goal of promoting beekeeping to all ages.   The goal of the Apprenticeship Program is to bring youth from the ages of 13‐18 into beekeeping by helping the successful candidate set up their first hive/colony of honey bees and to give them the knowledge needed to be a successful beekeeper through a mentoring program, classes, and beekeeper Association meetings.  You will be given most of the items necessary to become a beginning beekeeper (see list in this contract), which would then become yours after successful completion of your apprenticeship.  You will be asked to keep records throughout the year about your experiences via a journal/forms of observations made during each visit to your hive.  At the end of the year, you will be asked to give a short presentation of what you learned about beekeeping to the Onslow County Beekeepers Association.




•         Ability to work both collaboratively and independently.

•         Highly motivated, responsible, and dedicated.

•         Willing to keep records throughout the year of your experiences.

•         Ability to work outside and perform tasks around bees and with bees including lifting some heavy items.

•         Enthusiasm and willingness to learn and participate in all aspects of beekeeping.

•         Willingness to present what you learned throughout the year to the OC Beekeepers Association after your one-year apprenticeship program is complete.


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2025 OCBA Apprenticeship Application